Do You Really Think So?

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It’s not new news. It’s not some ethereal theory. It’s not a fanciful philosophy without any direct application to your day-to-day life. It is the single most important piece of knowledge possessed by humanity. It is the primary cause behind your success or failure in life.

What was once known only to metaphysicists is now also known by physicists. It is a scientific fact. Thought creates.

I am not just referring to the kind of creative thought that brings about art or technology. All thought creates all the time. Your every single thought is creating your reality in every moment.

I’ll say it again for emphasis…your thoughts create your reality. Bluntly, if your reality sucks, it is because your thinking sucks.

The great good news is that if you desire to change your reality, it is as simple as changing your thinking. In order to improve your life, you only need to improve your thinking.

Simple? Well, there are a couple of impediments. These are what hold most people back from profound change or improvements. They act in the same way as an electronic invisible fence serves to keep a dog from roaming free.

First, you are accustomed to (or addicted to) thinking a certain way. You have been trained to think a certain way. Most people are too lazy or too scared to think original or intentional thoughts. Most people actually do not even pay any attention to what they are thinking. They don’t know what they are thinking or why they are thinking what they think. Do you?

Second, you exist within a consensual societal reality picture, a collective consciousness, a meta-meme, that serves to limit your ability to have original thoughts. Most people blindly accept the norms of their cultural conditioning; things are the way they are…that is reality. They ignore the fact that it is those who have challenged the normal thinking patterns, those who have thought outside the box, that have brought about the advances in human society or that have created their own extraordinary and successful lives.

So, in order to transform your thinking, and thus, your reality, you must exercise a purposeful discipline. You must learn how to think on purpose. You must resist your tendency to revert to old ingrained habitual thinking. You must decide to opt out of the mass-mind and act as an individual, intentionally choosing what, how and why to think what you think.

First, figure out exactly what you are thinking; what are your predominant repetitive thought patterns. Pay attention to your thoughts. Where do they come from? Why do you think that thought? What does it create in your life?

Second, decide (choose) to think those specific thoughts that will serve to create the reality you desire to see manifest in your life.

If you need proof that your every thought is actively creating your moment by moment reality, or need help in learning how to consciously, intentionally and purposefully think the thoughts that lead to success, prosperity and happiness, read the books in the seLFTech Success Library.

Do you desire wealth? All wealth is a product of thought. So is the lack of wealth. If you are lacking the wealth you desire, it is because you are lacking the thoughts that produce wealth. The millionaire lifestyle is produced by adopting the millionaire mindset. Get it here free. Well, it won’t cost you any money; but it will cost you some mental activity. Got any to spare?

A final 2 questions for you…

Do you really desire to live a prosperous, fulfilling, successful and happy life?

Do you really think so?


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