Who needs T.V. News, Newspapers and Radio News?

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T.V. and radio News got you down? On-line current events and News blogs make being informed a much more enjoyable experience. For many the News on television has become a trying time of the day. Focused mainly on negative events, you may have to wait through the whole program just to hear the one story […]

Marketing Tips – Advertising

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Typical methods of advertising-newspapers, radio and television are effective if used properly, but there are other, less expensive ways to get your company’s name out.

The Mind, Information, and Attitude

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Information is flowing to us at a great rate. The radio, television, the internet, advertising, newspapers and magazines are giving us information all day. We also receive information from the people we associate with in our daily lives. This article discusses some of the ways that our minds, both conscious and subconscious, process and use […]

Business – How to Build it Using the Media

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Have you ever noticed that when someone is interviewed on radio, television or in the newspapers about a particular subject, it tends to be the same people? You may even be saying – “Why don’t they ever ask me?”

Why Do Realtors Advertise Your Home in Print,on the Radio, on Television, etc.?

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Why Do Realtors Advertise Your Home in Print,on the Radio, on Television, etc.?

10 Ways for Unknown Musicians to Get the Word Out

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When Clear Channel controls the radio and the monopoly newspaper doesn’t like you, how do you win over new audiences?