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How to Tie-In With News Events to Score Publicity

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It’s safe to say that we live in interesting times.

Write Press Releases That Dazzle

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When a reporter is wowed, intrigued, surprised or captivated by your press release, you can be pretty sure you’ll get some media coverage. And for most businesses, positive media coverage is worth its weight in gold. The bad news: Although truckloads of news releases fill reporters’ inboxes every day, few of them are dazzling, or […]

Publicity From Thin Air

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In an ideal world, your business would be overflowing withnewsworthy stories, and the media would be waiting with batedbreath for your next press release, ready to give you front pagecoverage.

Hey, Mr/Ms Manager!

Yazan: admin | 22 October 2013 | No Comments
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Does it really make sense to bet your PR budget on results like newspaper mentions and zippy brochures while your all-important outside audience behaviors are probably receiving much less attention than they need?

Are You Newsworthy?

Yazan: admin | 22 August 2013 | No Comments
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Non-news professionals often have a hard time understanding why their ENORMOUS news announcement, creates barely a ripple in the media.

Attention PR Shoppers!

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As a business, non-profit or association manager, what do you want?