One-Product Sales Sites: Avoid These Top Blunders

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One product, one long web page: this kind of web site is sometimes called a sales letter site or mini-site, and it focuses on one and only one goal, as many sales of that one product as possible. With a one-product sales site, no distractions, no subsidiary goals, such as newsletter signups, are allowed to […]

Small Business Opportunities And The Ten’s

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You may find this Newsletter a little long winded but it’s for a good cause: It’s all designed for Your Success!

How to Get $1000 worth of Advertising for $60

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Long Sales Letters vs. Short Sales Letters

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Everywhere I turn, I’m being asked to weigh in on the issue of whether copy should be long or short in a sales letter. I receive countless newsletters on copywriting and marketing, and they are all still debating the issue.

UFO Advocates Stirred-up

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Believers and long-time investigators of Unidentified Flying Objects phenomena expressed disappointment regarding the way Peter Jennings handled the ABC News Special Report recently aired to the United States television audience.

Create Your Own Diet…Quickly & Easily:

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If you are like most people, you’ve tried dieting before. This newsletter is NOT about dieting, but instead about making long-term changes in the foods you choose and eat, WITHOUT sacrificing good taste.