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Department of Defense Giving Away Military Secrets at Washington DC Gay Bars

Yazan: admin | 04 November 2012 | No Comments
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The Gay Bar scene in Washington DC is completely out of hand. We are losing military secrets to foreign nationals who are spies. The news agencies go there for tips to out scoop their competition. The Congressmen and Senatorial Staffers go there to meet with and become intimately acquainted with others to work out the […]

The Death Of The VCR

Yazan: admin | 15 March 2012 | No Comments
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It has recently been announced that VCR’s are obsolete and several electrical chain stores have said that they will no longer stock them. This seemed to happen very suddenly, there is usually a build up to this sort of announcement and we are accustomed to things being gradually phased out. Not this time though, the […]

UFO Advocates Stirred-up

Yazan: admin | 24 December 2011 | No Comments
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Believers and long-time investigators of Unidentified Flying Objects phenomena expressed disappointment regarding the way Peter Jennings handled the ABC News Special Report recently aired to the United States television audience.

A Way To Really Lower The Price of Gasoline

Yazan: admin | 06 July 2011 | No Comments
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Every once in a while, someone starts a campaign to lower gasoline prices by urging everyone not to purchase any gas on a certain date. The chosen date is far enough in the future to allow for a massive e-mail and newscast campaign to spread the news far and wide throughout the land and get […]

Mexico: A “Third World Country”?

Yazan: admin | 13 May 2011 | No Comments
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I haven’t written much in the past 5 days because I’ve been a little depressed. Ok, I’ve been a LOT depressed. What happened is that I have a book coming out, something for which I should leap for joy, but am not. The reason I am not is that I am catching all sorts of […]

Can You Believe This?

Yazan: admin | 02 January 2010 | No Comments
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I was reading this morning that in November 2004, Congress approved all the $16.2 BILLION dollars NASA sought for its 2005 budget. Can you even fathom that much money? What makes me particularly surly this morning after reading that piece of “Space: the Final Frontier” news is that I did so with a sinus infection […]