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I was reading this morning that in November 2004, Congress approved all the $16.2 BILLION dollars NASA sought for its 2005 budget. Can you even fathom that much money? What makes me particularly surly this morning after reading that piece of “Space: the Final Frontier” news is that I did so with a sinus infection that could kill a herd of elephants, a pod of Killer Whales, and the population of Costa Rica. I have been fighting this infection for the past three weeks.

So I am thinking at this point that, hey, $16.2 BILLION is a heck of a lot of loot for NASA to crash probes into planets and then send another one to try to find the one that crashed (costing $158 million dollars) to take pretty pictures of the debris field. I am not making this up. [1]

How much, I wonder, is the U.S. federal government spending to fight the sinus infections that torture me every year during May and have done so all my life? The thing is that if anyone knows he isn’t telling. Does this smell (as if I could smell anything at this point) like a cover-up to you?

I have been trying to find out how much the U.S. spends on sinus infection research each year. I have written the National Institutes of Health, all the “Sinus Central”, “Aren’t Sinuses Fun”, and “Sinuses-R-Us” web sites as well as the makers of the most popular sinus medications in the U.S. You know what


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