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What is So Exciting about Money and the Internet?

Yazan: admin | 12 December 2013 | No Comments
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I believe it is a principle of human nature that has always been there. You see it in kids digging in the woods for that ‘hidden treasure’. You see it in people walking on the beach looking for that ‘message in a bottle’. You see it in cues of people in the local newsagent, hoping […]

Don’t Baffle Me – Talk to Me

Yazan: admin | 06 December 2013 | No Comments
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Congratulations, all you Internet marketing people you. You now command a whopping 3% of total advertising and marketing budget. Hey, it’s better than, well…2%. And the number is trending higher. That’s good too.

Don’t Treat Your Business Like a Casino

Yazan: admin | 06 October 2013 | No Comments
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It’s amazing how many people are jumping into the internet marketing business. The good news is that the pie is pretty unlimited so we can all get a nice slice. The bad news is that most of the people I encounter are thinking that they can buy some “miracle” product, sit around and money will […]

A Simple 8 Step Formula For Testing Your Headlines

Yazan: admin | 25 June 2013 | No Comments
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I am going to let you in on a secret? The successful entrepreneurs are not successful because they know things that you don’t know. They are successful because they TEST every advertising campaign they embark on first before they start spending “big” money on effective forms of newsletter and ezine ads.

Truth and Lies

Yazan: admin | 20 February 2013 | No Comments
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How low can one get? The number of encounters I have had in the few months as a network marketer with liars is astounding. Why do people need to stoop to lying in their attempt to succeed? Do they really believe that they will attract customers by using deceptive means. Hey friends, I’ve got news […]

Marketing Trends from the Digital Frontlines

Yazan: admin | 15 September 2012 | No Comments
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The web and ways to market on the web continue to evolve at warp speed – we see some positive and negative changes occurring – our observations du jour: