What is So Exciting about Money and the Internet?

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I believe it is a principle of human nature that has always been there. You see it in kids digging in the woods for that ‘hidden treasure’. You see it in people walking on the beach looking for that ‘message in a bottle’. You see it in cues of people in the local newsagent, hoping to buy that ‘winning lotto ticket’.

What is it? I believe it is called false hope, hope that has been misplaced. It is great to dream and dreams have produced miracles in themselves, but to dream without any substance leads us to wasting our money and our lives. Finding the ‘ultimate business opportunity on the internet’ just by surfing and trying this opportunity and that one is the same mistake or false hope for many people.

If I could only find one opportunity that is so easy to do, I will get rich and never have to work again in my life. This is false hope.

So many people do dream and rightly so too because a great proverb tells us that ‘without a dream the people will perish’, but you get nothing for nothing these days and indeed from any time in history this is true. Everything has a cost and marketing on the internet today is the same.

Home Based Internet Business is not a lottery, it is not get rich quick, and it is like any other business venture the world has ever known. You need to plan, research, invest time and indeed sometimes money too. Before you look to the 1000’s of business opportunities on the internet and remember a lot will promote the ‘get rich quick’ schemes, work out what you would like to do on the internet first, before you start looking. This will save you an enormous amount of time because when you know what you want, you will find it.

There are 1000’s of people the world over earning substantial incomes from the internet, many at other peoples expense. Don’t become a victim to these unscrupulous people because there are also 1000’s of people earning substantial incomes with genuine opportunities just waiting for you to join them.

Please note though that they are ‘Earning their Income’.

We all need to work at something, we are all creative, made in God’s image, so work out what you would like to do whether you would like to market your own product or someone else’s, find something that you will be passionate about and go for it, find out how you can make your home computer work for you. Don’t be like myself and hundreds of thousands of others who have had this false hope about getting rich quick on the internet.

Spend some time browsing the internet and look at all the opportunities there are, with your own ideas in the back of your mind, and when you find something you like investigate further. Research the Affiliate programme before you decide to join, research the product you like before you decide to join and then later find you can’t sell it.

It took me many months before I realised that like any offline business my internet marketing career is going to take me time, probably 18 months to 2 years before I see fruit for my labours. That’s ok now though because I have taken the pressure off myself ‘to get rich quick’ and I am enjoying my Internet Marketing Career as an Affiliate Marketer again. At the end of the day self employment is meant to be something you enjoy for any number of reasons and it certainly isn’t meant to be more burdensome than being employed in the secular world.

I have teamed up with Herbalife International and have regained my health and vitality and will market these wonderful products both on and off line.

I hope you can take a lesson from my experience and find an opportunity that will see you head towards financial freedom with a Home Based Business on the Internet too.


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