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Procrastination Emancipation

Yazan: admin | 23 October 2013 | No Comments
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It’s early January as I sit down to research and write this newsletter. I launch my web browser, surf over to, surprised to find the feature article displaying a picture of Santa Claus with the caption “It’s not too late to have your presents arrive on time.” Somebody’s been procrastinating – either Bill Gates […]

Hey CyberJunkie, Clean that Booger off Your Nose!

Yazan: admin | 13 July 2013 | No Comments
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Well….., I got some good news and I got some bad news. It’s come to my attention that some of you want to be cyberjunkies. Which do you want first? I’ll give you the good news first. YOU can!! It’s very simple. The bad news is: It’s not easy and it could be messy.

Nine Reasons To Embrace Failure

Yazan: admin | 04 April 2013 | No Comments
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I’ve always heard that “public speaking” is the number one most common fear. According to a recent survey I conducted in my e-newsletter, however, this is not the case. Overwhelmingly my readership chose

If I Had 24 Hours To Live

Yazan: admin | 07 April 2012 | No Comments
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A few years back, the ex-recording artist, turned Pastor, turned recording artist again, Mase, had a record out called

Finding A Cure for “I” Disease

Yazan: admin | 19 March 2011 | No Comments
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The 21-year-old rookie cop had his big chance to brag on himself at his big news conference.

Stop Procrastination–Just Do It!

Yazan: admin | 17 December 2010 | No Comments
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In this article I’ll talk about the reason that stops most of Internet entrepreneurs from succeeding online.