Do We Take The Internet For Granted?

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One small change made a huge impact in a day in the life of Zardinia Zaffas.

I can see you right now. You’re sitting at your desk staring into the computer screen, the Internet is connected and the information is flowing like a river. If you are at work, you are randomly checking email, News sites and interesting topics in between your necessary tasks. There’s a woman like you out there, her name is Zardinia Zaffas and this is an interesting tale about a recent day in the life of her world.

Monday morning was like any other to Zardinia: waking up to the sound of 60’s music on her clock radio, breakfast of the usual oatmeal with maple syrup, grapefruit with a little brown sugar, peppermint tea and of course her favorite food-the sacred Pink Lady apple. This is followed by 20 minutes of yoga and a nice hot shower, then jump in the car and down the highway to her job as a software programmer.

However when Zardinia walked into the office on this particular Monday she could sense something was wrong. It was like an anxious buzzing cloud of confusion was raining weirdness in the air. As she sat down her supervisor walked up and gave her the news. The company’s Internet connection was temporarily ‘out of order’ and would be fixed at an indeterminate time. Well, life sure is unpredictable.

After logging in she realized she no longer had her usual access to the daily News information. Deciding to go down to the lobby where the newspapers were sold she took a ride down the elevator and grabbed a copy. Back at her desk as she perused through the International section she heard the sound of a throat being cleared. Looking up over the paper she saw the face of her supervisor once again, although this time his demeanor had gone through an obvious transformation.


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