Five Great News Stories You’re Sitting On Right Now

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Smaller companies don’t always have the budget – or inclination – to retain a PR
hotshot to tell the world about their business success, but that doesn’t mean they
aren’t a ready source of news.

The problem is it’s often dull news which is ignored by all except the industry press
and quite rightly so in most cases. If you land a contract, you issue a press release.
If you take on a new senior sales rep, you issue a press release. Attending an
exhibition? Press release, natch. These are simply announcements that you are
doing what you do, that it’s business as usual.

With a little lateral thinking, however, you could be issuing press releases
throughout the year which present topics and subjects that’ll have editors from all
disciplines chasing you for the full story. Below I’ve presented just five
brainstormers to get the creative juices flowing.


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