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Here’s an idea on how to make reading the daily newspaper a source for new selling ideas. Make it a point to identify at least one thing that you can use in your business whenever you read the newspaper. There is always great stuff in the sports and business section of most newspapers. Here are some examples.

The words “Blazing Fast” were used in an advertisement. If one of the benefits of your product relates to speed why not kick it up a notch by describing it as “Blazing Fast.”

In an article that talked about fair trade organizations, the headline was “Small Steps Big Impact.” Couldn’t that be reworked to say, “When working with new customers we like to take small steps that create a big impact.” Then proceed to give you potential customer some examples.

In yesterday’s sports section there was an article with the headline, “Speedy adjustments.” If it fits your business you could probably work “Speedy adjustments” into your sales presentation.

Has your company ever dropped the ball? Have you ever experienced delays with new product launches? Have you ever had to deal with products that didn’t live up to everybody’s expectations? Sure who hasn’t. In today’s paper there was a headline “Martha Stewart Living rebounds.” When the problem(s) is fixed you might consider using the word “Rebounds” in your sales presentation to your customer base.

If your company is planning to announce new product introductions you might be able to take a lesson from this headline in today’s business section. “Apple sprouts 4 NEW iPods.”

In today’s sports section there was an article about baseball Hall Of Famer, Johnny Bench, who’s coming to Sarasota to give a speech. The article mentioned how his father told his son that learning how to catch was the shortest route to the major leagues. He also had his son practice throwing 250 feet, from a crouch position, which was more than twice the distance from home plate to second base.

Johnny Bench would later claim he could throw out any runner alive. If you’re in sales you should be able to get a little inspiration from Johnny Bench’s practice routine. What could you prepare and practice that would give you that level of self-confidence?

The world is filled with ideas you can use to grow your business but you have to keep your eyes open to avoid missing them.

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