Internet Advertising Solutions: 10 Things To Barter For, Before Buying

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Before you spend your hard earned money, why not first try to
exchange the products and services you have for the products
and services that you need?

Here are a few internet advertising solutions and ideas:

1. Information Products – it could be ebooks, “how
to” videos, cassettes, magazines, newsletters, paid
e-zines, courses, etc.

2. Advertising Space – it could be banner ads, ezine
ads, ebook ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, tv
ads, fax ads, online classified ads, etc.

3. Web Hosting – you could offer a free advertisement
for their web hosting service on your site in return for
free or discounted hosting.

4. Software – it could be for tax software, web site
authoring software, accounting software, newsletter
software, graphic design software, etc.

5. Writing/Editing – it could be for web site content,
promotional articles, press releases, e-zine articles,
promotional ebooks, etc.

6. Accounting/Bookeeping – you could offer a no
cost advertisement in exchange for their accounting
and booking services

7. Consulting – it could be market consulting, legal
consulting, computer/software consulting, business
consulting, etc.

8. Copy writing – it could be for brochures, business
cards, classified ads, sales letters, product packages,
banner ads, promotional products, etc.

9. Merchant Accounts – you could offer no cost
insert ads in your product packages in exchange for
the option of accepting credit cards. pop up ad on your web site in exchange for free or
discounted Internet access.

May these internet advertising solutions help you
to make a lot of money.


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