Levine’s Laws For Pitching With Panache

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Excerpted from “Selling Goodness- The Guerrilla PR Guide
To Promoting Your Charity, Nonprofit Organization, Or Fund Raising Event”

Whether you are making a pitch over the phone or in person, whether to a
newspaper or magazine journalist or a reporter or producer in the electronic
media, there are fundamental rules to follow. To some extent, they coincide
with universal rules that apply to all human relations-courtesy, honesty,
respect, integrity-but some of them are relatively unique to media relations,
such as the advantage of having a topic that grabs by the collar and won’t let

Here are my ten commandments for pitching the media:

1) Underlying everything should be the five F’s: You must be fast, fair, factual,
frank, and friendly. These words spell credibility, a currency worth its weight
in platinum.

2) Never be boring. Never.

3) Know the media you contact. Watch, listen, read.

4) Know your subject thouroughly.

5) Don’t just take yes for an answer. Follow up. Follow through.

6) Always keep your temper in check and your composure cool.

7) Don’t be intimidated in designing your pitch. You have to make the first
move, or no move will be made. The media won’t come to you.

8) Turn any nervousness to your advantage by emphasizing your genuineness,
the fact that you aren’t a slick, insincere salesperson.

9) Make yourself understood. Do not use jargon and technical language. You
won’t be making yourself seem less intelligent by doing so. Quite the contrary.
Some of the most brilliant people I know speak with disarming simplicity.

10) Be prepared for a dialog once you’ve made your pitch. A simple “yes” or
“no” is less likely than getting a series of follow-up questions from the
journalist. This is an opportunity for you to expand on your case and build
rapport with the person you’re pitching to.

And the eleventh commandment: Keep a healthy, reasonable perspective. This
isn’t nuclear weaponry negotiation. Keep cool and have fun.

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