The ABC’s of Working Out

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A healthy body is key to overall success!

I can honestly say that I have never felt better physically than I do right now. I turned 34 last week and I feel better than when I was 24! I owe most of that to a daily routine of exercise. And the best news is that it is a simple routine, one that anyone can do.

Being in better shape helps me in all areas of my life because there is a definite body-mind-spirit connection in us humans! Because of his I wanted to take some time to give you a simple, easy to remember schedule and routine to follow. This is something you can start immediately. You will notice the difference very soon!

But first, a few things:

Always consult a doctor being beginning a diet or exercise program!

To make the most of your exercise, cut back on the bad foods! Don’t let your diet undermine your exercise.

This plan assumes that you belong to a health club or have access to weights. If you don’t – invest in it – you will be glad you did!

Now, onto the plan.

First, to begin with, you should stretch out and do some sort of aerobic exercise like walking, running or stair climbing. This will get your heart going. Start slow and short and increase as you get into better shape. Most fitness experts say a person should work up to 30 minute sessions three or four time a week. Depending on your health, start with 7-10 minutes.

Day one – A is for Arms. There are a few simple exercises that you can do to get you arms in shape. Basically curls and pushdowns. Curls are for your biceps and pushdowns are for your triceps. Even 3 sets of 8 repetitions of each with a weight appropriate for your strength will be good for you and tone you up!

Day two – B is for Back and legs (I know, but I had to throw legs in there somewhere and this is how I do it myself!). There are a few basic exercises you can do for your back. One is the rowing motion. The other is for the overhead pulldown. Again, three sets of eight will be a good start. Your back is very important in the structure of the body and should be worked out regularly.

For legs you will want to do three basic exercises: The squat for your thighs, toe raises for your calves, and reverse leg extensions for your hamstrings. Yep, three sets of eight.

Day three – C is for Chest. The chest is simple. Just anything that works the bench motion (flat on your back pushing up). You can do this with either a barbell or dumbbells (no, a dumbbell is not your workout partner :)) Again three sets of eight to start.

Day four – S is for Shoulders. Shoulders are important because if you only do the chest, which some people are want to do, you will quickly overwhelm your shoulders and they will get hurt. Working out your shoulders also makes your waist look smaller!
Two exercises here: One is a deltoid exercise (picture your thumbs under your armpits with your elbows out – like a chicken). The weight machine presses downward on your elbows as you lift.
The other is an overhead press, which can be done with either dumbbells or barbell. You sit down and push the weight over head – three sets of eight.

Day five – rest. Everybody needs a rest!

Day six – Just aerobic exercise.

Day seven – Start with day one again – arms.

Let me say that you should probably have someone at your workout facility show you how to do these if you have never done them before. Ask at the front desk and someone should be able to help you.

Remember, the body you have is the only one you will ever get so take the time to keep it in tip top shape and it will make you feel better than ever!

If you do this simple routine you will slowly but surely get your body into great shape (assuming you are watching the food intake!).

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