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Informative Tips For People Who Are Decoupage Novices

Decoupage has been a popular activity for many, many years. Actually, this activity enjoyed a massive surge in popularity among Victorian people. The last few years have seen decoupage once again emerge as a relatively popular pastime. If you have developed an interest in the art of decoupaging, but you have yet to start working on a project, you ought to have fun reading through the remainder of this guide. As you scan, you’ll run across a variety of hints that will keep you from getting overwhelmed as a decoupage amateur.

The purpose of basic guides like this one is to help you get started on your first project. They are not, however, meant to give you answers to questions that are specifically related to the project you’re doing. Fortunately, there are many other online articles that deal with narrow decoupaging issues; simply do more research if you feel unprepared to start your activity. In no time at all, you’re sure to be a decoupage pro.

Figure Out What You Want to Decoupage

Before you can start a decoupaging project, you need to decide what item you actually want to decorate. With a bit of thought, you should be able to decoupage almost anything you can imagine. There are those, for instance, who decide to decoupage whole pieces of furniture; coffee tables are more commonly done than other furnishings. Others, though, prefer to keep it simple, decoupaging keepsake boxes, lampshades, or other small items to start with.

Carefully Get Your Item Ready For the Decoupaging Process

There are several steps you need to take to make sure the article you’ve picked for your project is ready to be decoupaged. For instance, you must first dust the item off; this is particularly important if it’s been sitting in storage for some time. You should then clean your item with a mild soap and water. Wait for the article to dry completely before you start decoupaging it.

Purchase All of the Appropriate Supplies

Whether you want to start decoupaging things on a regular basis or you’re doing only one project, you’ll still have to invest in the same set of tools. The most essential products you’ll want to have at your disposal are sharp scissors, rubber cement or craft glue, and a good acrylic top coat. If you have questions about certain brands of craft supplies or if you’re confused about exactly what you need to buy, you should visit a local art store.

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