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Self Serve Car Washes in the United States

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In the 2003 Auto Laundry News Survey it was determined that only 10% of the Coin-op Car Washes had a web site. So if you are doing lots of individual research on car washes that are self serve, do not expect to find a lot of data on the Internet. Owners of coin-op car washes […]

Small Business Computer Security, the Basics

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Anyone in business today realizes both the natural dependency on computers in the workplace, and also the potential dangers associated with storing important data on them. Today’s business owners are constantly being reminded that their company’s data is at risk by the daily reports on various news stations, or even their favorite business-related website.

Small Business Opportunities And The Ten’s

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You may find this Newsletter a little long winded but it’s for a good cause: It’s all designed for Your Success!

Small Business Pricing Strategies

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TACTIC #1 — Never simply slash your prices, unless you’re trying to empty obsolete inventory. Instead, try repackaging your prices so they’re more affordable in the short-run so more prospects can afford them. For example, rather than pricing your service for the year, “Our monthly newsletter is only $39 for the year.” Instead, try “Our […]

Advertising – For Small Businesses (Part 2)

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Will Adding a Car Wash to Your Fast Lube Add Additional Crime to Your Facilities?

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Car Wash Crime in the Hood. Apparently not everyone is with us and certainly not everyone considers this to be a clean business. Latest car wash news. There was a HS Coach killed at a car wash in Aurora, CA Which is unfortunate. Here is the article. Still unknown why but the Police were investigating […]