RSS – The Making of a Feed

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Everyday more and more websites, news services and blogs are adding RSS content. RSS is a method of syndicating content.The concept of aggregating content in one central location or repository is very appealing. Consumers have become tired of push technology, RSS allows users the flexibility to regain control of their content. RSS feed creators provide […]

What the Heck is a Blog?

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Everybody is talking about blogs. They are everywhere: on the TV, in the newspapers, and all over the internet. With the number of blogs doubling every five months, there is no stopping the power of blogs.

Top 3 Reasons Why RSS Is Better Than Email

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Everyone is talking about RSS. Blogs, newsites and the like are putting those little orange RSS link thingies all over their sites. What’s all the hype about?

Blogs: Why, Where and How

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So you have heard about the blogs or you are sure you are now going through one of the blog. You might have seen blogs in the search results and would not have noticed it. Yes blogs are now making news but still a large number of people consider them as online diaries or a […]

Why Every Site Needs RSS

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RSS or ‘Really Simple Syndication’ is not just for Blogs and News sites. Every website can benefit from this newly popular technology. The term ‘syndication’ is what throws a lot of people off the track. Syndication is like news articles, isn’t it?