How to Set Healthy Limits at Work

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Back in college, I wrote for a five-day-a-week, award-winning campus newpaper. My skills were growing and I was earning a reputation as a solid reporter.

Writer’s Block Begone

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Back when I was in college, I belonged to one of those professional associations for the video industry. (I was a student member.) The monthly newsletter had a column called “Writer’s Block.” Although called Writer’s Block, no one ever wrote about this mysterious and debilitating condition. So, finally, one day I decided to tackle the […]

Financial Aid for College Students – Grants

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The bad news about attending college is that it costs more than ever to attend. The College Board estimates the average four-year public college costs almost $5,000 per year to attend and a two-year public college is almost $2000. And that’s not counting the skyrocketing cost of textbooks or other class fees. The good news […]