Avoiding the Spam Trap: Get Your Message Delivered!

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Your message is not being delivered.

Online Website Promotion: How To Expand Your Business By Staying In Touch With Your Customers

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If you want your customers to keep coming back To buy from you, then keep in touch with them.

Promotional Freebies

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What’s a promotional freebie? A promotional freebie is something you can give to your customers, visitors or subscribers. Giving away “freebies” is an excellent marketing tool. Who doesn’t love freebies? Having something to offer your visitors or ezine/newsletter subscribers for free can be very helpful. Often giving away freebies will increase your website/ezine numbers.

Making The Most Of Newsletters

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Newsletters can be wonderful tools for communicating with your customers or prospects. Because of their format, they’re often infused with more credibility than traditional brochures. If your newsletter is little more than blatant self-promotion, however, it’s likely to hit the wastebasket before it hits your target’s desk.

Ten Ways to Help You Improve Your Customer Service

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1. Stay in contact with customers on a regular basis. Justas it is bad news to send out too many emails to customers,it is just as bad to not stay in contact with them.Customers don’t want to feel abandoned.