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Seven Things That Make Me Angry

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I watch the TV news and I get angry. I really need to quit that. It’s not good for my blood pressure. However, there are certain things that always get me going no matter how hard I try to ignore them. They get me hot under the collar and I guess they always will. I […]

The Economic Giant– A Closer Look at China

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IT’S NO LONGER NEWS THAT CHINA IS BECOMING A MAJOR player on the world economic scene. Yet, as we’ve noted in past editions, investing in China is fraught with uncertainty, due to a still un-free political situation, and insecure property rights. Despite our current lack of interest in Chinese stocks, China’s renaissance clearly has implications […]

History of the Media, Radio, and Television

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When were the forms of media created? When did advertising first show up? Who owns the media?

The Revolt of the Poor: The Demise of Intellectual Property?

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Three years ago I published a book of short stories in Israel. The publishing house belongs to Israel’s leading (and exceedingly wealthy) newspaper. I signed a contract which stated that I am entitled to receive 8% of the income from the sales of the book after commissions payable to distributors, shops, etc. A few months […]

Counter Intelligence: Accurate Words to Describe Our Dealings with Islamic Terrorists!

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Carl von Clausewitz On War

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For anyone who wishes to become an armchair General in their living room while watching the nightly news unfold on their TV set, these are some things they need to know. So often the news media will give opinions and ask other reporters what they think about this or that or the other thing. Yet […]