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Look for the Positives

Yazan: admin | 04 April 2013 | No Comments
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Our lives are overflowing with negative information from the newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Nations are at war, thousands are dying of starvation and hundreds are killed by natural disasters. There is no avoiding or ignoring the facts. We even receive negativity from our own families and friends every single day.

Dealing With Negative People Made Easy

Yazan: admin | 03 February 2012 | No Comments
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I was playing tennis today with one of my tennis buddies. We play once a week and we usually chat about work, professional tennis players and local news.

Anger And Your Driving

Yazan: admin | 04 March 2011 | No Comments
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Are you driving under the influence of impaired emotions?

Start Your Day on Your Terms

Yazan: admin | 19 April 2010 | No Comments
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Most of us start the day like we’re trying to catch a train. We wake up, grab a cup of coffee, look at the paper and listen to the news. We rush out of the house to make an appointment or deadline or to put the finishing touches on a project. From deadline to appointment […]