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How Search Engines Connect Sellers and Buyers

Yazan: admin | 19 June 2013 | No Comments
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Maggie knows how to find what she wants. She lets her fingers do the walking

The Search Engine Showdown

Yazan: admin | 17 June 2013 | No Comments
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If you’re anything like me, you have a favourite search engine and you’re loyal to it. You never use any others (which made this research difficult for yours truly), insist yours is the be-all and end-all and you even go so far as to deny any shortcomings it may have. But is your search engine […]

Supply & Demand – Stop Attacking Good SEO Companies!

Yazan: admin | 20 March 2012 | No Comments
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As I read the latest news online about what Google has done to many webmasters all over the world, I am left discussed towards some of the comments people are making against SEO Companies.

Your Top Search Rankings at Yahoo & MSN Search are Worthless

Yazan: admin | 09 November 2011 | No Comments
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It seems I now do this rant every single year when traffic statistics are discussed in web industry news. Last week I posted to my Reality SEO blog that referred traffic numbers are the only statistic that webmasters should be concerned about when looking at their search engine rank. I wrote about this last year […]

STOP Writing for Search Engines

Yazan: admin | 11 September 2011 | No Comments
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Back when I was starting out with my first internet venture, I did a crazy thing. I subscribed to a Search Engine Optimization newsletter. These guys send a weekly email with their bundle of latest tips. For the first few months, I actually followed what they said. Now, I just keep my subscription to get […]

Yahoo’s Back!

Yazan: admin | 09 August 2010 | No Comments
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I was all set to write an article predicting the future of search engines, when Yahoo dropped Google and replaced it with its own engine. Now that’s big news. In less than twenty-four hours, Google went from about 79% of the market share to about 51%, almost overnight. And what a welcome relief it is […]