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Write. Submit. Get Published.

Yazan: admin | 02 February 2013 | No Comments
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If you don’t write, you can’t submit. If you don’t submit, you can’t get published.

Is Your Handbag Making You Look Fat?

Yazan: admin | 25 December 2012 | No Comments
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Is your designer handbag making you look fat? Much thought is given to the perfect pair of jeans or finding just the right blouse that will accentuate your figure. But how about your handbag?

Women’s Self-Defense – Why Most Programs Are Wrong

Yazan: admin | 24 March 2010 | No Comments
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Women’s self defense issues are constantly in the news and a ‘hot’ topic for conversations. It seems that everyone from police officers to karate instructors has his or her own philosophy and theories about the how’s and why’s of self defense for women and girls.