Your Mindset Determines Your Success in Life

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To keep at the top of your game you have to keep a clear head. You can’t afford to fill up on news and negativity. The world’s overflowin’ with it and the only way to be a winner is to be in control of your thoughts.

Managers and PR: One Thing Is Clear

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As a business, non-profit or association manager, you have a clear choice when you set up your public relations. Arrange your resources to generate a variety of product and service plugs on radio, and in newspapers and in magazines. Or, use a broader, more comprehensive and workable public relations blueprint to alter key external audience […]

10 Ways for Unknown Musicians to Get the Word Out

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When Clear Channel controls the radio and the monopoly newspaper doesn’t like you, how do you win over new audiences?

Free Advertising and Traffic Exchanges

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Reading the postings in different Newsgroups it becomes clear that the “I does not work for me..” statements comes from one very clear reason: not enough Traffic. The Ability to generate targeted and low cost Traffic is crucial for the success of every internet business.Well, what is “enough Traffic”