Jules Obtains the Jewels

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Jules Asner, the current cohost of E! News Daily, along with Steve Kmetko, had a golden opportunity to be the first one to host E!’s

Who needs T.V. News, Newspapers and Radio News?

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T.V. and radio News got you down? On-line current events and News blogs make being informed a much more enjoyable experience. For many the News on television has become a trying time of the day. Focused mainly on negative events, you may have to wait through the whole program just to hear the one story […]

See RSS Feeds from Your Website

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RSS feeds have made it so convenient to gather current information. If you have an RSS Reader on your desktop, then from this one window you can get up-to-date information from any sources of your choice, such as:

Before Publishing a Newsletter, Ask These Questions

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In the current world of marketing

Your Organization: What Role PR?

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As a manager, does your current business, non-profit or association public relations effort concern itself primarily with radio and newspaper publicity? Or does it concentrate on a specialty area like financial communications or trade relations? Or, possibly, it deals each day with sales support or government affairs?

How To Write A Newsletter Without Being A Writer

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One of the best ways to stay in touch with current and past clients, colleagues and fans, is to publish a regular newsletter. Whether you use a HTML template tool like Constant Contact, simply create a good looking text email to send out to your contacts, or publish something fancy with PDF, it can draw […]