Long Distance Caregiving for a Loved One is Particularly Difficult

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The phone rang at 5 a.m. John was sure it couldn’t be good news at that hour. He was right. Mom’s neighbors were calling him from 850 miles away in Texas to say that she was out watering her roses an hour ago on a cold, early spring morning. John knew that she had been […]

Is RSS Here to Stay or Gone Tomorrow?

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RSS is totally hot. We have seen it everywhere, from John-Doe blogsites to major news websites. If you haven’t heard of RSS before, that’s okay, because I hadn’t either until a couple of months ago!

Interviews with Well-Known Ezine Writers #2: – John Colanzi

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MS: John, you must be one of the most prolific Ezine Writers on the Web – I see your articles nearly everyday in the article lists and in dozens of Newsletters. How long have you been writing Ezine Articles?

Indiana Jones and the Cave of John the Baptist

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The discovery of “the cave of John the Baptist” not far away from Jerusalem was a great journalistic drama. Archaeological news easily lights the imagination. Remember the movie series of Indiana Jones. Is it true that John the Baptist began to baptize his followers in this cave? Let us go over the facts, and find […]