Why This Is The Perfect Time To Start Charging For Website Subscriptions

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If you’re a writer, researcher, subject matter expert, enthusiastic hobbyist, or an authority on almost any topic, there has never been a better time to start your own subscription website or online newsletter.

Dealing with Disgruntled Customers

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Categories: Customer Service

No matter how hard you try, in business you simply can’t please everyone. You could have a highly trained customer service squadron and an award-winning product, but still you’d have some buyers who just weren’t happy. The bad news is that unhappy customers are more eager to share their experiences than happy ones which could […]

10 Critical Facts to Put On the Cover of Your Business Plan…

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Categories: Strategic Planning

In most business plans, no matter how striking the idea, the covers are critically important. The majority of investors may flip to the executive summary, if they get past the cover, when deciding whether or not they are interested. Exactly like the front page of a daily newspaper, a business plan cover puts the important […]

Freebie Promotions – How Giving Away Free Stuff Can Boost Your Business

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Everybody Loves A Freebie!

7 Tips for Better Ads

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The content of advertising is basically the same no matter what the media. It is good and it works, or it is bad. Some TV ads are so clever people tend to remember the cleverness and forget the product.

Nutrition Secrets Never Before Revealed

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The topic of nutrition is one that is always present in our lives no matter where we turn. It’s on the news, magazine articles, at school, at your doctor’s office, and even is a major topic for many books.