Why You MUST Have A ‘My Yahoo!’ Page

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Yahoo! allows you to set up your own front page called ‘My Yahoo!’. Even if you don’t use Yahoo! as your search engine, you need a My Yahoo! page which you log onto every day. That’s because having a My Yahoo! page that is set up correctly can do wonders for your search engine ranking.

One-Product Sales Sites: Avoid These Top Blunders

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One product, one long web page: this kind of web site is sometimes called a sales letter site or mini-site, and it focuses on one and only one goal, as many sales of that one product as possible. With a one-product sales site, no distractions, no subsidiary goals, such as newsletter signups, are allowed to […]

Counter Intelligence: Accurate Words to Describe Our Dealings with Islamic Terrorists!

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Unhook From The Perpetual Progress Grid

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I have been a member of a group called the Women in Business Connection (WIBC for short) in Cambridge, MA for about four years. We get together for lunch meetings once a month. Last week at our December event several of the women commented to me how much they liked my newsletter. It is always […]

Writing A Press Release

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News releases (also called press releases) are an important part of a public relations campaign. They are also an important part of marketing your business. They are the primary means of “selling” your story to the media. All press releases are structured the same way. Make sure youanswer “yes” to these key questions when writing […]