Tackle a Newsletter and Come Out On Top

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Unlike any other marketing vehicle, newsletters give you the opportunity to contact your audience and convey your expertise in a way that offers value and information. Newsletters provide a reason — and a structure — to maintain ongoing contact. One of our clients has even said that recipients call if her newsletter is a few […]

Inoculate Yourself Against Negativity

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Unfortunately we come into contact with negativity everyday. We can’t avoid it. But we do not have to let ourselves be effected by it. So protect yourself from it.

Ten Ways to Help You Improve Your Customer Service

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1. Stay in contact with customers on a regular basis. Justas it is bad news to send out too many emails to customers,it is just as bad to not stay in contact with them.Customers don’t want to feel abandoned.

Killer Press Kits – Press Kits That Demand Attention

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So, you’ve had your book published or you’ve gone the self-published route, but what do you do now?