Look for the Positives

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Our lives are overflowing with negative information from the newspapers, magazines, television and radio. Nations are at war, thousands are dying of starvation and hundreds are killed by natural disasters. There is no avoiding or ignoring the facts. We even receive negativity from our own families and friends every single day.

The Beginner’s Guide to Freelance Writing

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The Big Idea

Mobile Oil Change Business and Company Comparisons

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We have been reviewing articles in Oil Lube Magazines, Newsletters, ASO, ASE, Auto Mechanic and many other periodicals on the assessments and profitability of mobile oil change units. We believe that many of the surveyed may have misrepresented their actual results, however have brought to you some of the findings which have been written about […]

PR Works! 15 Ways To Make Your Press Release Stand Out From the Crowd

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Do editors of newspapers, magazines and online news sites really use press releases? Too right they do. In fact, the press release is one of the most effective forms of publicity. But many businesses, both online and off, underestimate the power the press has to promote their business and get their product or service noticed […]

Advertising – For Small Businesses (Part 2)

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How to do it

How To Get Press To Come To You

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Have you ever noticed how the same people’s names always seem to appear in magazines and newspapers articles which quote them as a source of info and advice on their own particular subject, whether it is web functionality and design, cosmetic surgery or investment banking?